Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I have no idea where this blog idea will lead. I just know I was inspired, even compelled, to include one on the new website.

For now, I'll start with expressing thanks ...

• to Frank Wolfe for the design and his dedication in creating my new website
• to my wife, Sylvia, for her unflagging support, for her willingness to be honest even when she thinks I might not agree, and most of all for her unconditional love
• to my friend, Denny, for proof reading all of the copy and for spending time checking for glitches and offering feedback.
• to Rachael at Randy Jay Braun (www.randyjaybraun.com) for her fabulous displays of my jewelry and, especially, for the inspiration she provided to upgrade my presentation ... including changing the name to "The Hoffmeyer Collection"
• to bead artists Judi Belt, Andrea Guarino-Slemmons, and Lara Lutrick (none of whom have I ever met) for the inspiration their work has provided
• to Susan Shahinian for her inspiration and willingness to teach and share technique
• to my first teacher, Marty Meade, for getting me started, for her encouragement, and for always finding beauty even in my first feeble efforts
• to Cynthia Leonard for teaching me the basics of jewelry design and for her collaboration on early pieces
• to my family for their support and encouragement and for even buying some of my stuff
• and last, but not least, to Hot Island Glass on Maui for all of the beautiful art they produce that was the inspiration for me to even try my hand at "melting glass"

Beauty and goodness and positive, willing support surround us ... uniquely wherever we are ... if only we are open and willing to see ... and to accept.

For this first blog I'll end by sharing a bit of beauty captured in Sylvia's garden.

White ginger bloom


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